21 January 2022


 One of my favourite and most-used oils. Created through steam distillation of resin Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in cosmetics, perfumes, skincare and medicines With a rich, deep, warm scent and blends beautifully with all oils.

🌳 Focus energy, improve concentration. It eases hyperactivity, impatience, irritability and impatience.

🌳 Is great to diffuse during yoga practice and can enhance spiritual awareness. In religious ceremonies it was used to help communication with the creator.

  • Arthritis: Can be massaged into joints affected by arthritis (with coconut oil)
  • Depression: Can be inhaled directly from the bottle, applied neat to the temples or diluted with coconut oil for massage or diffused for depression
  • Mental Fatigue: apply neat to the temples, back of neck or feet to relax
  • Inflammation: 3 drops with 2 drops lavender in a bowl of cold water and using a flannel apply to the affected area.
  • Focus: diffuse with lemon or citrus oils
  • I use it with lemon, tea tree, oregano and On Guard in a capsule to combat any lurgy



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