29 January 2021

30 Day Tech Detox

I don't know about you but my phone use sky rocketed during 2020. I was averaging over 8 hours a day and feeling terrible. Not only that but my children were watching me be a slave to a screen. Over Christmas I had some much needed phone-free time and it was incredible. 

So I've designed a 30 Day Tech Detox which I've been doing for the whole of January, that aims to help everyone have a bit of a tech clean-up and encourage healthier habits. During a global pandemic tech has kept us connected to the loved ones we have been missing and for many of use, have kept businesses afloat. But with no basic tech hygiene in place the positives of connection and industry are getting outweighed by mental health issues, lack of sleep and the addictive qualities of social media. For those of use who suffer with depression and anxiety the last thing we need is to be comparing ourselves to other people for hours every day. 

This detox doesn't aim to make you phone-free, it just helps you reevaluate how you are using your tech and to claw back some of the reality in your real life. 




13 December 2020

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Jewellery and Accessories


I think this year especially it's love to send something thoughtful in the post but it can be tricky choosing clothes for people. Jewellery and accessories can be a great option and the majority of people listed below I have bought from and offer fantastic customer services to help you track down the perfect gift. 

Blue Bowl Silk Clutch - these are beautiful, bright and unusual. I can't decide between yellow or turquoise and red. 

Marloe - I really love these zip bags. Good for keeping all your stuff in, for me pens, notebooks and glasses in a dark blue with pink writing. For kids to keep their lego or homework bits in. Makes a great present for a godchild or niece/nephew

Black and Beech knits - i particularly like the forest green and french rose scarf it's spectacular 

Hexagon earrings I have and love these. Light and easy to wear they are enough dangle to be fun but not annoying and they go with everything. 

Chambers & Beau - I love this jewellry and have been eyeing up the glasses chain for ages 

Sharkie & Bear - beautiful, fun earrings made in the UK from cork. Lightweight and easy to wear these make great stocking fillers too. 

House of Evergreen - I'm always wearing something from Katie and these are chunky and usual. The canvas bag strap is also fantastic and easy to send in the post. 

Sofianni - stunning unique jewellery designed and made by Maria. She does beautiful commissions and I have my eye on her beautiful hoops with dangling discs. 

Yala Jewellery - beautifully designed African jewellery. Ethical and eco-friendly - I really love these bangles. 



Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Stationery

Would it be complete with out a stationery option? Stationery is a great gift, it doesn't involve commitment, and is always useful. 

  • Marbled-note-pad
    Atticus, Beetle & Bop - my own stationery shop, so I'm just getting going but I have some great stocking fillers ready to go. 
  • Penfax and co - there's loads to choose from here and it's a great place to go for fountain pens. They also do these fantastic poker dice for the poker player in your life
  • Craft scissors - these have been on my Christmas list for ages, yes you could do all your Christmas shopping on Blue Bowl but for stationery lovers, journallers and planner addicts these scissors are The One. 
  • Portfolio - a forest green one of these will be a treat to myself when I hit a goal. I'm not sure what that goal is yet but one of these will be mine. 
  • Cable tidy - I love the beetle one of these - great for those of use who are forever losing chargers and headphones. 
  • Blue Bowl Notebooks - my favourite notebooks. Plain paper, beautiful design and my two favourite sizes.
  • Paperweights - these are stunning and I spend a lot of time deciding which I want. I think Carnival Zebra is the winner but there is something for everyone and with lots of people now working in home offices this is a lovely cheering addition to any desk. 


1 January 2020

30 Days of Notebook Prompts

So this year I would really like to proactivly get stuff done for me. I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions but in 2019 I made big steps in my business and well, without wanting to sound like a weirdo, my mind so I really want to do some of the things I always mean to do but instead I spend my time doing pointless shit for other people*.

So one of the things I used to do, before grown-up jobs, husbands, kids, anti-depressants etc is write in notebooks. I used to have one like a security blanket. One group of friends even hilariously used to call me Lyrics because that is often what I wrote. Well I want to get back to it. Back to the notebooks, back to creativity but I've become scared of fucking up so I've created 30 days of prompts to just get me in the habit of using notebooks again. So if you want to up your creativity, spend less time on your phone and just do something for yourself why don't you join in. I'll be sharing mine on Instagram using the hashtag #30daysofnotebooks


*I love doing stuff for other people but my god I need to learn to not fill ever single minute doing everything for everyone else and making myself ill. There. I said it.

7 December 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas (Books)

I love books and they make fantastic presents for all ages. Whether you are going to stay with someone and need to take something or are posting something to a niece or nephew, hopefully I've got it covered.

Mystery of the Blue Train, Nancy Mitford, Timeless

Agatha Christie - you know I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan and there are three gorgeous new editions out this Christmas. The ABC Murders, 4.50 from Paddington (my favourite of the three) and The Mystery of the Blue Train - all great reads and I really love the new colours. How I wish I could have them.

Blind Date with a Book Club - this is such a fantastic idea - choose the genre's and every month for 6 months you get a book sent to you or you can choose one book based on it's five line sentence. I personally love the sound of the Last Christmas selection.

Blue Bowl - not only my favourite place for presents in general but a great selection of unusual books for grown-ups and children. My eldest (6) loves Smart about Sharks and I'm going to get the middle one Bonkers about Beetles (his nickname is Beetle) and I love the Dahlov Ipcar books too. For grown-up's this is Florence's latest pick.

The Home Bar - a great book (dare I say it?) for men. My husband really loves this book and it looks beautiful.

The Nancy Mitford Collection - from Heywood Hill (where she once worked) this is a beautiful collection of five Nancy Mitford paperbacks in a beautiful box.

Penguin Classics - Waterstones are doing beautiful hardback editions. You can get someone their favourite book or if you have a baby why not get the A Christmas Carol - we got one (in not such a beaut edition) for Ned for his first Christmas and we read it to him at this time every year and it's so lovely.

Small Print Books - a really fantastic independent book shop that has an incredible selection of unusual books for children.

Timeless; A Century of Iconic Looks - Louise Young is the make-up artist when it comes to historical accuracy and I'm so happy to have this book with me when I go on shoots. Not only is it great for make-up artists but a wonderful read for those interested in cosmetics and hair through the ages.


29 November 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas

Of course there is a beauty guide on it's way but for all those non-beauty bits there's this. Everything is in alphabetical order except for the first one because it's the most important.

Choose Love - buy things for people who have been forced to flee their homes with nothing. From children's coats, blankets and nappies, to hot meals, hot showers and tents. The Mother & Baby bundle is a food, clothes and hygiene pack for a mother raising her baby in a refugee camp. You can even get someone medical care. I often get cross with people who make me feel that what I do is a frivolous thing for women with no brains (it isn't) but compared to what these people are going through it is even having a bath is a total luxury. I'm thinking about every little thing I buy this year and where I can, I'm cutting back to get from here instead.

Blue Bowl Squiggle Notebooks
Beeswax Wraps - the ultimate stocking filler or present for someone you just don't know that well. Everyone I know got these last year. A clingfilm replacement that is easy to wrap, easy to post and is a small UK based company. There's nothing about this I don't love.

Black Dragon Press - I love my Agatha Christie prints from here - they look fantastic.

Blue Bowl - always my first port of call for any present and at Christmas I find I can usually do the majority of my presents here. From stocking fillers (these tassel earrings are beautiful and there's beard balm for your hairier other half) to kids stuff via really unusual things in between. The stationary is out of this world (we all know I can't resist a notebook) and this drum charm is stunning. Everything is carefully curated and thought about - the zip bags are handmade with vintage fabrics - I adore this jungle print.

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