1 July 2024

BBB - Oils for the family

Despite what you may think I do not go around dragging a huge sack of oils with me wherever I go. I do have a tiny pouch of mini's that go most places with me but there is one rollerball that is always in my bag. 

When I first started using oils I went to France with my family when the boys were 1, 3 and 5 and I needed something to cover all eventualities - eggs on heads, bruises, mosquitos bites, the strange rashes Jim sometimes gets when faced with unusual grass! Was there such a thing? I did my research and created the BBB (bumps, bruises, bites) rollerball and we've been using it ever since. 

Bumps, bites, bruises rollerball

So what's in it?

Frankincense: the king of oils, promotes cellular support, soothes and calms the nervous system and therefore the skin, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections

Tea Tree: soothes irritated skin (remember putting it on spots in the 90s?) promotes healthy immune response

Lavender: a natural antihistamine, soothes the skin,  reduces inflammation. Yes it's calming but my goodness this is a bit of a miracle worker on the skin. 

Water burn after oil application

As I was writing this my son came to me having splashed himself with water from the kettle (he is old enough to be making himself tea) and I immediately reached for the BBB roller. The first picture above is the burn, second picture a few minutes after one application and then I applied again and we went out. An hour later he showed me and we couldn't even see where it had been! Obviously the severity of burns vary but this was a fairly painful one and I was pleased to be able to help. 


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