26 November 2014


When I was just at the most jaw-clenchingly awful moment of morning sickness I very kindly got sent a box of assorted NibNib products to try. I carried the box through to the kitchen and then studiously ignored it for a month. It wasn't just the box. For most of the first three months of this pregnancy I avoided the kitchen. There was an incident involving morning sickness, norovirus, absent husband and cooking for a 2 year old that put me off the whole concept of non-M&S sandwich food for at least 7 weeks.

Then as my appetite returned I wanted salty, delicious, mostly cheese-based nibbles and so I finally opened my box of NibNibs. My hopes weren't high as there is quite a lot of competition out there so I wasn't paying too much attention as I tore open the (really handy) packaging and started shoving the Exceptional Cheese Straws in. But they were really delicious - cheesy, the right consistency for a cheese straw and a really nice nibbley size. Not bad I thought.

The Cheddar and Spicy Chilli Staws were opened (and finished) a couple of nights later when my mother came to stay. I trust her taste buds as, like me, she finds most things under-salted. Not these, these she approved of whole-heartedly. We opened the Cheddar and Cheeky Onion Straws and were again really impressed. These are definitely my favourite - just the right amount of onion. Seriously, I have a very sensitive stomach at the moment and I was anxious about too much onion. These are incredibly delicious and slightly addictive.

The last on my to-try list were the Salt and Black Pepper Jumbo Peanuts (yes I know I shouldn't have peanuts when pregnant but I am ok?) and again, although these come in a really easy to store, easy to open, closable tub they didn't last very long. Perfectly seasoned and good-quality peanuts.

Without a doubt I would buy these again - they are fantastic nibbles and the aforementioned packaging makes them great to have in the cupboard for when you need them. You don't need to eat them all, they'll keep very nicely in their tubs, but you probably will eat them all. But don't worry if you do - all the ingredients are personally sourced by the NibNibs team and where possible, they are all British and all products are made in their bakery in North Yorkshire. Find your local stockist here or buy online and try them - the perfect go-to store cupboard treat for Christmas
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