24 February 2024

Lavender Oil

Lavender has been used for thousands of years to help soothe and relax. Not only can it aid sleep and reduce stress and anxiety but it is also fantastic for soothing burns, skin irritations and burns. 

For recipes and tips on using lavender clip the Lavender label

You can get your lavender here https://doterra.me/DckwP5

10 Things you need to know about lavdender


25 January 2024


One of my first wow moment with oils was when I had been suffering with a gripey tummy for a week and having tried everything had resigned myself to going to my sisters 40th (already delayed by lockdown) and not being able to eat or drink and feeling rather nauseous the whole time. In desperation I messaged my friend, an aromatherapist, and she told me to take these 5 oils in a vegetable capsule. I did without holding much hope and only realise later, having eaten, drunk and danced all night that there was no tummy pain or nausea in sight. 

This combination is particularly good for colds, flus and other viruses. I always have a rollerball of this made up and for my eldest son, who won't take calpol or paracetamol, this has been my trusty friend in the middle of the night when his temperature is high and neither of us have had much sleep. 

Floot Doterra Oils

Doterra oils are certified food grade (not all of them) so these are the only ones I use. 

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