17 September 2018

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes. I kept hearing about them and thinking, 'surely they are just extra faff'. I mean, can't you just fold more neatly? But packing for 2 adults and 3 children is the stuff of nightmares, no bags ever close, everything spills out, clothes, nappies and necessities are guaranteed to end up on a different floor to where they are needed. I was a woman at the end of my tether so I ordered some from Amazon.
Packing Cubes

I was prepared to be underwhelmed and wish for my £19.98 back but I was also desperate. They arrived. I put them to work immediately. The three children and I were going to go to my mother's house for the night - sounds simple but really isn't with one in nappies, one potty training and one who has been known to just wet his trousers rather than stop what he's doing. Also it was hot so I needed to pack swim nappies, sun cream, sun hats and other such fripperies.

I allocated each child a medium packing cube and I gave myself the large one. Not only did all my bags close but I had room to spare. I rolled all the clothes into the packing cubes and could have fitted in more. When we arrived I put each child's cube in his bedroom and that was it. It meant that said child or whichever poor adult was designated dresser could identify which clothes belonged to which child and the sight of my 5 year old wearing a 1 year olds onsie was less likely to be the first thing I saw in the morning.

When packing to go home I separated clothes into 2 cubes for clean clothes and 2 for dirty. The two dirty clothes got emptied into the utility room when I got home and that was that. The packing cubes had passed the first test with aplomb. But what about France for 2 weeks with all five of us? Believe me when I say packing was almost pleasurable. Almost. I mean. It's still a massive pain in the arse but being able to put aside clothes for that person and see what you've packed already made the whole thing more bearable. There was room in our case (which I helpfully filled from the markets in France) and packing at the end of the holiday took less than half the time it usually did. Again I sorted clothes into clean and dirty and then by children and grown-ups and unpacking was really easy.

I really cannot recommend these highly enough. They have made surely one of the most boring parts of adulting into slightly less of a trauma and the ones I chose came in green so that's a bonus.

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