16 February 2022

Snow Moon

🌕 The full moon for February is usually call the snow moon but can also be the ice moon, storm moon or hunger moon.

❄️ Its full moon in Aquarius thought to be an unconventional and trailblazing sign so if you are planning or journalling this full moon it's time to put your most creative and inventive ideas space. Time to think about the idea you've had but have always thought 'it will never work'. Its also very passionate so basically get thinking about something that excites you.

🌕 If you have crystals its time to super charge them in moonlight. Pop them on a windowsill - I always remember looking after my friend Katie's house when she was away and finding crystals on every window frame.

❄️ Write a list of all the things you're worried about people you'd like to forgive, burn them and release them (this can continue as a ritual as the moon wanes)

🌕 The full moon is a time of balance, it's a time to focus on the 'harvest'. Pay attention to all the things you've manifested so far and all that's yet to manifest. A full moon bath is perfect to focus on abundance and a time to relax.

February Full Snow Moon Diffuser Blends


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