7 June 2011

Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens

Finally finished Nicholas Nickleby (Vintage Classics) last night. It took me a month and 5 days to read which is the longest time ever and I am completely satisfied that I stuck with it even though a lot of people told me to give up (it's amazing how many people are a bit 'meh' about Dickens). Anyway, having never read any Dickens before I seem to have chosen one of the chunkier ones to kick off with but it was a really good read. What I would say was it needed a lot of editing. A lot. And I'm sure I'm not saying that just because I work in publishing but it's 830 pages and I think if it was submitted to a publisher now at least 200 of those would have been shaved off. I mean, they just didn't need to be there. I also did not find it as funny as I expected - I did smile on occasion and I was very pleased with the ending but not laugh out loud funny which a lot of people tell you is what they like about Dickens.

Definitely worth a read I'd say but be prepared - it's not a quickie.

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