15 June 2011

Leftover Bolognese Pancake Bake

So, what to do when you've had yummy bolognese or tortilla wraps and you have left over mince? Well sometimes I make quesadilla's but not if we've had tortilla's already - if that's the case I make a sort of pancake bake crossed with cannelloni. In fact you really could use cannelloni tubes if you have some hanging about in the cupboard but for this one we defrosted some pancakes and so really, apart from doing a bit of whisking with the white sauce, this couldn't have been an easier supper. You can assemble before hand and then just heat up when you need it which is also handy.

Leftover Bolognese Pancake Bake

Serves 4

Approx. 200g leftover bolognese (see Tortilla Wraps with Beef Mince)
4-6 pancakes (we used ready made ones but you can make your own)
Cheddar, grated
Parmesan, grated

For the white sauce:
40g butter
25g plain flour
425ml cold milk
grated nutmeg
salt and pepper

I used a reasonably small, rectangular oven proof dish for this and preheated the oven to 200C/400F/ Gas Mark 6.

1. Layout each pancake and fill with a large spoonful of the bolognese/mince. The amount of Bologna's you have leftover will dictate how much you use for each pancake... obviously.

2. Roll the pancakes up and put them seam-side down in the dish.

3. Now you can make the white sauce how you would like but for this one I just put the butter, flour and cold milk in a saucepan and whisk over a medium heat until the sauce bubbles and thickens. Reduce the heat right down and cook for 5 minutes to get rid of any floury taste and then season with the nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste.

4. Pour the white sauce over the pancakes and then sprinkle with the grated cheeses.

grated cheese
Grated Cheese
5. Bake for about 30 mins or until bubbling and golden. For a crispy top you can finish it under the grill quickly.
leftover bolognaise pancake bake
Finished pancake bake

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