2 December 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Grown-ups

Medium Kitchen Pack from Beeswax WrapsIn my notes I've called this 'Present's for Grown-ups' because it's so hard to divide everything into categories all the time and it's not like when you are Christmas shopping you go 'Oh well I'll just buy for the men I know today, women can be next week'. These can be actual presents, stocking fillers or presents for those tricky-to-buy-for friends of the family who may spend some of the festive time with you. Also some great suggestions for house gifts if you are going to stay with people and want to avoid the usual wine/chocolate/panetone.

Beeswax Wraps - I love these. I love them so much that they sent me some to say thank you for a review and I immediately went online and bought some for friends. If I could be bothered I'd find the timing that I Instagrammed my excitement at the post and then the receipt of my purchase. There's an hour in it max. Anyway, I love all of these and we use our Medium Kitchen Pack all the time and you can read my full review here. Any of these packs would make a really unusual house gift and I like Cheese pack but as a stocking filler the 1 Medium and 1 Small wraps would be great and men who have fires will love the Bee Bombs (a useful present that doesn't clutter up the house... who doesn't
want that?)

Bag Strap - it's frivolous but that's partly why I like it. I wish they did a brown version as all my bags are brown but this is very cool and would actually make a very nice non-kid addition to a change bag.

Bamboo Socks - sadly you can only buy these in packs of four but if you are after socks these are insanely comfortable to wear. I honestly didn't even know there was much of a difference in socks before I put these on my feet.

Bangles - these bangles are great individually or lovely as a trio.

Black Dragon Press - where I got my much admired Murder on the Orient Express poster from and no prizes for guessing what I'm after this year.

Box - I love this shell box. Perfect for your dressing table and ethically sourced.

Cassette / Tape To MP3 Converter 
 - I was a prolific mix tape maker and received lots in return and there are some songs you just can't track down anymore so this would make life so much easier.

Cufflinks - if the man in your life uses them then it's always nice to have a few pairs and this lapis pair are stunning.

Desmond & Dempsey - I have two dressing gowns that I love and when I'm in them I mind slightly less about being up in the middle of the night with the baby. Once the boys are big enough i'm basically going to just live in some form of glamorous night wear all the time and for me Desmond & Dempsey is basically ideal. Practical but chic. My pics are the Pomme house coat, Fern Pyjamas and Tiger Print Shorts. And this eye mask would make a great stocking filler.

Earrings - these are also available in silver. There's a certain retro chic to them.

Flower Bowls - one for those who like tiny things.  They may be mini but they have a myriad of uses - rings, teabags, false lashes.

Ink - fellow fountain pen users will appreciate getting some ink in their stocking and I long for my favourite, green, to appear in mine.

Tiger Tree Decorations Jewellery Box - years ago I bought myself a travelling jewellery box and I use it every single time I go away. It's so useful. This would make a fab present for any jewellery wearer but I thought particularly the tricky-to-buy-for late teen.

Notebook - I love a notebook and use them all the time this striking blue lobster one looks fab.

Pens - I love these retro pens partly because they are neon and partly because my husband wouldn't be able to chew through them.

The Poster Club - I love getting things for my walls. And I've got my eye on the Barbara Hepworth's from The Poster Club.

Shoe Pom Poms - the present for the girl who has everything. I thought they weren't my thing but they are incredibly loud and fun.

Stickers - not just for kids these foil beauties save time on labelling presents. Or anything really.

Tigers - we get the boys a new decoration every year and these are a strong contender for 2017.

Trinket Dish - another thing I really have trouble admitting I have enough of. Little dishes are so useful, for jewellry or in my case beauty blenders. I'm a sucker for copper so these look beautiful.


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