13 January 2016

Tada & Toy Star Hoop Earrings

Like a lot of people I am always taking pictures and making nonsensical notes on my phone of things I see in magazines and websites that I might want to buy or add to my wishlist. One of the notes that's been on there for ages is Tada & Toy Star Hoop earrings and I finally asked, and received, for Christmas and I love them (thanks Mumma). In a world where I seem to constantly be on the quest for grown-up things (i.e. DIAMONDS) or trying to not draw attention to my increased person, it's so lovely to have something really cool that you can wear as a mum of two in your 30s without looking silly (god I feel old saying that). And that I can wear every day, and that don't dangle (Jim is a grabber). I have them in sterling silver but you can also get gold and rose gold (plated). The dust bag they come in is pretty lovely too.

Tada & Toy do really cool, wearable jewellery at not unreasonable prices (the star earrings start at £42) and my mum says they are incredibly nice to deal with. The next thing on my list from them is the Shark Tooth earrings in rose gold and silver - they look amazing too. Please oh please start doing cartiladge earrings Tada & Toy I'm so bored of my boring old ball hoops.


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