9 December 2015

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy's can be really hit and miss. At best they are a soothing kick-up the arse for colds and at worse they are an over-spiced lukewarm horror with terrible whiskey. My dad made the best and my mum has now taken over the helm. When I lost my voice and felt near death with the worst cold ever whilst in early labour with Jim she made me one of these and I felt better than I had done in months.

My husband annoyingly always says 'how much lemon'. THERE IS NO LEMON IN A HOT TODDY YOU WALLY. 

Hot Toddy

A good measure of whiskey
A dessertspoon of runny honey
1/2 coffee spoon (small tsp) ground cinammon
1/4 coffee spoon ground ginger
Grate of nutmeg
A couple of cloves (optional)
Boiling water

1. Pour the whiskey into a glass.

2. Put in the honey and spices

3. Pour in the just-boiled water (leaving a spoon in the glass to stop it breaking)

4. Stir and drink as soon as you can

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