25 June 2012


I'm usually in charge of weeding the garden. Joe does manly things like digging and chopping and I have to do the boring, back breaking weeding. Luckily for me morning sickness hit at prime weeding time so I mostly got out of it this year. My lovely neighbours came to help us a bit and Joe did some but I didn't keep on top of it like I usually do and the result is rather lovely. I dragged myself outside to absorb some sun yesterday and though all the weedy flowers that I should have pulled up were very pretty and the fact that nothing had been cut back due to my reduced garden nagging made it all seem very exotic for West London.

I've seen the garden from my friends roof terrace and it doesn't look all etheral and gladey from there... it looks a bit neglected and sad but it's lovely to sit in... and really now's not the time for pruning so I'll just have to let it get on with it for a bit. The only thing that is making me sad is that the fuschia which I dislike anyway (and I think it knows it) has sprawled so much that the oriental poppy didn't even get a look in this year... it was buried under pink monstrosity. Photos not very good but you get the general idea...


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