26 April 2012

Things that Suck about the first three months...

OK so I found out I was pregnant in South Africa where everyone announces it as soon as they find out. I then returned to England where you don't tell anyone and that is annoying because it really limits your complaining (which is maybe why you don't mention it til you're 12 weeks) and what the hell is Twitter for if not complaining? So I found it easier to make a list of things that are annoying. I don't want to sound ungrateful because I really am. But I also love a good moan...

  • Having to pee five times a night
  • The nausea oh my god the nausea
  • Clothes starting not to fit around your thighs... please let that not just be me
  • The extreme exhaustion
  • More nausea
  • Having to eat everything that's not nailed down
  • Not being able to eat smoked salmon, salami, parma ham, some cheese, peanuts
  • Not being able to drink Crabbies
  • The extreme guilt after eating biltong, smoked salmon, parma ham
  • Not being able to go in the cage shark diving
  • Fearing the appearance of piles
  • Having to have a scan with a thing that looks like an Apple joystick in your hoo-ha 
  • Not being allowed to casually smoke cigarettes...  
  • Not being able to tell anyone why you look like a plumper, spottier version of you
  • The conviction that everything bad you've ever done will come back and bite you in the ass and there will be something wrong with your baby
  • Looking at lovely clothes in shops and thinking... there's just no point 
  • Thighs eventually needing their own postcode
  • Feeling guilty about getting my hair dyed. 
But then we went and saw the scan this morning and it was wriggling about and had tiny feet and I minded all of the above a lot less... still slightly resentful about the size of my thighs though. 


  1. Congratulations to you and your family hun! This is wonderful news! You must be so pleased! xxx

  2. Congratulations! xx


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