18 August 2011

Quails Egg Pasta

OK so I wasn't going to write this up as there are no photos or measurements and it all seems a bit obvious BUT it was incredibly yummy and as weird as it sounds sometimes, just sometimes, you may have a few left over quails eggs and it's a bit hard to know what to do with them (apart from boil them and eat them with celery salt which is of course always perfect). This was incredibly soothing and delicious but you don't actually need too many quails eggs because it will become a bit 'quiet making' as it's called in my family.

Now I know there are ways you can make this more exciting, you can use roast garlic (wrap the garlic in foil, roast in 180C oven for half an hour, cool, squeeze out of skin, mash with fork)but that is fiddly and the point of this recipe is that it's supposed to be quick and soothing. For this I even couldn't be bothered to go out and get herbs to add in. All of this you can and I won't mind... but I wanted instant, yummy and no more quails eggs left hanging around in my fridge.

Quails Egg Pasta

Serves 2

Quails eggs, however many you want. I think 2-3 per person is good
200g spaghetti (or whatever pasta you have kicking around)
Parmesan, a good lot I'd say about 40g
Double cream, about 150ml
Garlic salt, good pinch

1. Put the pasta on to boil.

2. Pour the cream, Parmesan, garlic salt and pepper int a bowl and whisk together. Taste it for seasoning. If you want more garlic but less salt then use garlic granules.

3. Cook the quails eggs - I think a minute and a half is good as they should then be still slightly soft boiled but peelable. It takes a while to peel these so don't leave to the last minute as it will just make you cross.

4. Drain the pasta, stir in the cream mixture and put into bowls. Grate a little extra Parmesan onto the pasta and gently stir through. Cut the eggs in half and put them on top of the pasta. YUM

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