20 January 2011

Cupboard Love

Ok so I have a backlog of recipes and whimsy that I need to post but I haven't because I've had loads to do in preparation for big dinner party of Joe's grown up friends on Friday and because this week I'm finally getting my lovely pantry cupboard I've been whinging about wanting for months so my teeny tiny flat looks like a bombs hit it. The cupboard was inspired by my Mum - who has a small kitchen, it is not teeny tiny like mine - who had one knocked up one week and it has revolutionised her life. And mine actually as I gaze at it every time I go home for the weekend.

Anyway I was supposed to have it before Christmas but then that didn't happen but today it is being finished and I feel sick with excitement. OK so it'll be finished and not painted which makes me slightly want to book tomorrow as holiday and spend the whole day painting it so that my dinner party guests think that I am living in clean domestic bliss rather than unfinished cupboard horror. In reality they'll turn up, get plastered and not notice my lovely cupboard but I will know its there. But I've realised that it's actually a good thing because I was slightly worried that Joe would not have any chores to do this weekend. I mean tonight he's got to clean and hoover so I can cook up a storm undistracted but then this weekend when I'm working what would he do with himself? Watch tele he wanted to watch? Go to the pub? Actually see his friends? Thank goodness he will now be locked out in the garden painting my cupboard for me and then blowing on it til it dries.

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