23 March 2011

Possible Vegetables

When we moved into our flat I was determined to become some sort of greenfingered genius. It was I who had insisted on having a garden (so I could get a dog... obviously) so really I was responsible for making it look lovely. Now I wouldn't say I was bad at gardening, in fact I think I'm quite good but I'm a long way from genius. However, what I lack in knowledge I make up for in geeky enthusiasm and I have a garden journal which I try and keep as up-to-date as possible and which I imagine will one day be full to bursting with colourful inspiration and musings that will be published to great acclaim (probably after my death). These dreamy aspirations were quelled somewhat when my husband looked over my shoulder at my page entitled 'Possible Vegetables'. I have wanted a veg box for ages and have only managed to resist so far as I'm pretty convinced there is not one place in the garden that gets enough sun to actually grown any vegetables (well there is but I want to stick a bench there so I can sip tea and bask with my Mumma). My Possible Vegetables page tickled Joe and it has now become an expression in our household that can be used when one of us (usually me) is blathering on about something incomprehensible in a mumbly fashion.

Anyway, we had a mammoth garden weekend last weekend ripping out the back fence and replacing it with tasteful trellis and weaving lots of plants through (with help of neighbours and luckily we already had mature roses and Jasmine just waiting for something to hold onto) and I realised that my time for a veg box is nearing if it's ever going to happen... I really do need to start thinking about possible vegetables now. Any ideas?

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