22 July 2013

Giveaway - Burts Bees Baby Starter Kit

Biggreensmile.com have kindly given me a Burts Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit to giveaway. If you would like to win it then leave me a comment and I will chose the winner next week.


16 July 2013

Soy Dressing

Another amazingly easy dressing that is fantastic with noodles and salad to liven up leftovers. Stolen from a pork recipe in Donna Hay's The Instant Cook it is one of my go-to supper cheats now that summer is finally here and it's too hot to do anything that requires heat!

Soy Dressing

¼ cup soy sauce
¼ cup lemon juice
1 tsp soft brown sugar

Whisk together and pour over your salad.... told you it was easy.

5 July 2013

New York Baby!

So, a very good friend of Joe's is getting married in Washington D.C. in October and we've decided that we are going to go to New York for a weeks holiday beforehand. Not only will we be taking Mr Ned, one week before his first birthday, but we're also taking my Mumma. I cannot wait but where to stay what must we see? I need your help - suggestions please.

3 July 2013

The Cottage - Bathroom decisions

The first major decision we have to make about the cottage is the bathroom. Although there is a loo and sink downstairs there is only one actual bathroom and it's not very big. We definitely want to put a shower over the bath but apart from that there's not a lot we can do with such a small space. Eventually we may make the downstairs loo a shower room but for now our builder however has come up with a rather clever idea to extend the upstairs bathroom. It seems to be the most sensible option for giving the bathroom more space but would mean losing a bit of the character of the cottage which I'm reluctant to do.

So I need your help. I've put pictures and a diagram of the current layout below and after that is a diagram of the proposed layout. What do you think - should we change it? If you need more in depth floor plans you can see them here). I will post pictures up asap.

Current layout of the bathroom - the blanket box is in a small corridor and has hooks over the top for jackets.
Proposed new layout - incorporate the corridor area and put a sink where the blanket box is
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