25 June 2018


Some of you may know I have a stationary problem. Notebooks in particular. My family know I'm serious about something if I announce 'I'm going to start a new notebook'. I love ?? for my bullet journal because the squares really work for me but for other things I'm constantly gazing at notebooks I would buy and here are my latest favourites. For those super-organised amongst you these would make lovely Christmas gifts for friends so get in early.

Notebook collage

1. Blue Bowl Squiggle Notebook
These are so beautiful it's hard to know which to choose. As pink and green is my favourite colour combo it's a no brainer for me. Available in my favourite A5 or handbag friendly A6. This are handmade in England using wood and recycled board. From £10

Blue Bowl Pink and Green squiggle notebook

2. Kate Spade Dipped Initial Notebook
It's a sign that the C is in my favourite colour (green). I am not a fan of notebooks with things written on the front but true to form these Kate Spade ones are really chic and the choice of colours are lovely. Hardback and with a silk marker so you can keep your place this has 200 lined pages. Would make great hen party favours or presents for your girl gang. £16

Kate Spade C Initial Notebook

3. Portico Sky & Miller Notebook
These make a great present because you can choose the colour or symbol to suit your friend. My friend Becca would love the orange one with the bee on the front and Florence would want the blue elephant one, I'd like the green leaf. These are made from cruelty free Italian faux leather but feel like the real deal. Usually £25 but some are reduced to £17.50 at time of writing.
Portico Sky & Miller Leaf Notebook

4. Fenella Smith Notebook
These are really fun with great prints and foil finishes. I love the palm and toucan or the ostrich. These have an elastic fastening so great for sticking in your bag. £11.

Fenella Smith Ostrich Notebook

5. Poach My Lobster Notebook
Simple eye-catching notebooks designed for foodies. I absolutely adore the blue lobster notebook - surely this is the perfect blue. These have plain, fountain pen friendly paper perfect for those who hate the confines of a line. I think I'm going to have to get one as my next blog notes book - plain paper is a must. £15

Poach My Lobster Notebook

Which are your favourites and are there some that I've missed?
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