19 February 2018

Matchstick Monkey

I've had a pretty easy run of it on the teething front. There have been red cheeks, horrid nappies and a few grisley days but on the whole it's not been as horrendous as it could have been. There have been times when I've tried to get the boys to chew on something as it must offer such relief but I have never found anything they were really into - even world famous Sophie the Giraffe held the interest for a mere 5 minutes and has spent the rest of the time being retrieved from the dogs bed.

Jack and his Matchstick Monkey Teether

16 February 2018

Saying Yes

I've been a bit absent on here and the blog and that's because I've been off saying yes to things. This is not about me, it's about you. I hope this helps if you've been doing some of the things I have.

It's really hard to get everything I want to say into a video and this was in fact the second time round of filming. This is and isn't about mental health - it's about changing the way you think. I realised that I was getting furious with my husband trying to get him to make changes to make my life better and though he's lovely, I can't live like that.

Some things I forgot to mention. I'm unfollowing people who don't make me feel good on social media. 'Big' people. I'm doing as much non-money good stuff as possible; art, volunteering, reading.


5 February 2018

Kit & KIn

Jack in kit and kin nappyThe launch of the Kit & Kin nappies pretty much coincided with the launch of my third baby and this time round my postpartum anxiety had me obsessing over plastic. And not just plastic. Waste in general. The thought of nappies, worn by me as a baby, still existing somewhere made me feel sick and I realised my usual plan of ignoring it til someone else fixes it was exactly the problem. That and supermarkets not giving up plastic bags altogether and sorting out paper ones but that's a whole different issue.

I've researched reusable nappies but with two children still wearing them it seemed pretty much like a full time job and a huge monetary outlay for something that may well not work for us. I'd tried Naty and though I love their, occasionally flimsy, biodegradable bags, the nappies always sprung a leak. So I ordered a pack of newborn nappies from Kit & Kin for Jack to test drive. At the time of writing this review Jack has been wearing them for 7 months.

I have to say I love the design and the packaging. Looks great, arrives in a cardboard box (unfortunately delivered by Hermes who aren't that reliable but I know that posting stuff is hard nowadays). We get the Tiger ones but you can choose from fox, bear and panda. They are really sweet and so easy to tell which way round they should be when you are frazzled.

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