14 May 2018

Non-disposable razors

When I first became obsessed with plastic, and obsessed isn't an overstatement, it was toothbrushes and disposable razors that flipped the switch. It was the middle of the night, my third baby was about 5 days old, I was in the bathroom (they don't tell you this but when you have just given birth you spend a lot of time in the bathroom for various reasons I won't go into here) and I suddenly thought, 'those razors I shaved my legs with before I went to Abi's party [I was 15] is still out there somewhere, exactly the same, somewhere in the sea or in a landfill' and 'the toothbrush I cleaned my teeth with on our first holiday to Cornwall when I was 2... that's still out there somewhere'. Suddenly every nostalgic thought had a detrimental ecological effect attached to it. Watching my husband change our tiny babies nappy I thought of the nappies my dad might have (but didn't) change are out there somewhere.

I felt overwhelmed. But then I thought I'd just do one thing at a time and see how I got on. The first thing I did was order up some non-disposable razors for my husband and I. I searched on Amazon (not very good I know) and decided to get Jagen David Double Edge Razor, they come with a travel case which helps, and some Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades.

This has been one of the most successful plastic swaps I have to say. I was slightly imagining my husband would hate the razor and sneakily go back to using disposables but not at all. It's possible he slices his face a bit more than he did before but he's getting better. I know I shouldn't shave my legs (and armpits if you must know) but I don't have the time or money to get waxed and ideally I'd like to get it all lazered. So once I'm back at work I'll be saving for that. Until the though this has been great. I haven't cut myself, a razor blade lasts loads longer than a disposable and when they are too blunt to use I debobble my clothes with them.

So far the only problem I've come across is the disposal of the blades. I've been using an old plastic tub (from my Japonesque Brush cleaner). Not only is it much better for the environment it is so much cheaper. I mean £7 for 100 blades, £12 for the razor. For monetary reasons alone it's worth making the switch.

This is the razor and blades that I use but obviously there are loads out there so you can have a google around and see what takes your fancy.

23 April 2018

Mama Designs Quilted Playmat

It's hard to know what to get a 5 month old for Christmas, especially if that 5 month old is the third child. We were just going to count his monkey music classes as his Christmas present. He'd never know, we don't need any more plastic and he loves monkey music. But then Mama Designs came out with this luxury quilted play mat a couple of weeks before Christmas and it looked so good I pre-ordered it.

Mama Designs is a company I've been aware of for sometime but only since having Jim (in the middle) so I've had to just resist its lovely temptations. But the playmat spoke to me. And for so many reasons.

It's a great size. It doesn't take up vast amounts of room, it's not so much fabric that someone of 5'2" struggles to lift it, you can pack it in a bag or the back of the car and it barely takes up any space. It comes with a storage bag with a drawstring so you can pack this away and store it somewhere - it will stay clean and ready for use and fits easily into the bottom of a suitcase.

We have 2 dogs, a metric ton of lego and quite a lot of jewellry making beads. Before Jack was mobile it was so nice to be able to put this down on the floor and know that he was sitting or lying somewhere clean and that was just his. Even the big brothers learned that this was a lego-free zone. When it arrived, before he could sit up it was so great to be able to put this down on the floor and lie him on it without having to worry about how clean the floor was.

19 March 2018


I think this is originally taken from the Annabel Karmel weaning book. It's one of the few things I can make with the children that isn't cake or biscuit based that they simply adore so I do it from memory now. This is a great one to make with children, measuring flour, sieving, mixing in eggs and milk and then they are really quick to cook. Fluffy American-style pancakes may be all the rage but mine prefer these and you can make bakes with them too! My oldest two have them with maple syrup, the baby has bits with butter and my husband has golden syrup. I'd love to say we have them with bananas and blueberries but that would be lying.
Ned making pancakes


12 March 2018

Play Hooray

Claire at Play Hooray is a friend in need to tens of thousands of mums on Instagram - providing much needed inspiration and encouragement to keep the TV off and find a creative way to play with children aged 0 to 8 years old. What she does, and especially her Play Prompts, have been massively helpful to me so I wanted to share my experience. With a pack of her play ideas in my nappy bag or a print offs stuck on the fridge, I'm never at a loss for something to do on a rainy day.

Like a lot of other people I first discovered the lovely Claire via Giovanna Fletcher's Instagram feed. Some may think that being a mother of three means I know what I'm doing with children and in some ways I do but my god entertaining even one of them is so difficult sometimes, two even harder, two whilst pregnant and trying to have some semblance of a normal life was just incredibly frustrating and almost impossible. Now I have three at quite different ages 5, 2.5 and 8 months and so quite often I feel like I'm aiming at three different levels.

Which is where Play Hooray comes in and frankly, saves the day (whilst making you a little bit angry that you didn't come up with it first). Claire is an Early Years Teacher which in terms of nursery and pre-schools in the UK is the be-all and end-all. As a mother of one she decided to create some prompt cards for those days when you are stuck in the house with no idea how to entertain your child without switching on TV. She decided to get some cards printed to see if they sold, they did and she now has a full range of different prompts and products available some of which I've bought and have been using.

19 February 2018

Matchstick Monkey

I've had a pretty easy run of it on the teething front. There have been red cheeks, horrid nappies and a few grisley days but on the whole it's not been as horrendous as it could have been. There have been times when I've tried to get the boys to chew on something as it must offer such relief but I have never found anything they were really into - even world famous Sophie the Giraffe held the interest for a mere 5 minutes and has spent the rest of the time being retrieved from the dogs bed.

Jack and his Matchstick Monkey Teether

16 February 2018

Saying Yes

I've been a bit absent on here and the blog and that's because I've been off saying yes to things. This is not about me, it's about you. I hope this helps if you've been doing some of the things I have.

It's really hard to get everything I want to say into a video and this was in fact the second time round of filming. This is and isn't about mental health - it's about changing the way you think. I realised that I was getting furious with my husband trying to get him to make changes to make my life better and though he's lovely, I can't live like that.

Some things I forgot to mention. I'm unfollowing people who don't make me feel good on social media. 'Big' people. I'm doing as much non-money good stuff as possible; art, volunteering, reading.

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