21 January 2022


 One of my favourite and most-used oils. Created through steam distillation of resin Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in cosmetics, perfumes, skincare and medicines With a rich, deep, warm scent and blends beautifully with all oils.

🌳 Focus energy, improve concentration. It eases hyperactivity, impatience, irritability and impatience.

🌳 Is great to diffuse during yoga practice and can enhance spiritual awareness. In religious ceremonies it was used to help communication with the creator.

  • Arthritis: Can be massaged into joints affected by arthritis (with coconut oil)
  • Depression: Can be inhaled directly from the bottle, applied neat to the temples or diluted with coconut oil for massage or diffused for depression
  • Mental Fatigue: apply neat to the temples, back of neck or feet to relax
  • Inflammation: 3 drops with 2 drops lavender in a bowl of cold water and using a flannel apply to the affected area.
  • Focus: diffuse with lemon or citrus oils
  • I use it with lemon, tea tree, oregano and On Guard in a capsule to combat any lurgy



19 January 2022

Wild & Stone Dish Cloths

I would love this to be a super glamorous post but it's not, it's a post about my quest for the perfect, sustainable washing up cloth and how by god I think I've found it. 

Eco dish cloths either work well but stain and smell or look great and last 2 weeks. But fear not, I've found you not one but two options. 

For my main kitchen sink I have gone for the Organic Cotton Dish cloth - get two one for the wash and one to be used. These hold their own, give good heft to whatever you are cleaning and don't get smelly or slimey. They are so good my mum ordered one and thus far she has been incredibly dismissive of all others I've tried often holding them between thumb and finger whilst looking pained. 


Then for the utility room sink which is mostly washing up the dogs bowls - they are fed raw so I like to keep these very specific - I have got these Swedish dishcloths. They are compostable, washable and really sturdy so as of yet, I've only used one from my pack of 4. 



14 January 2022

January Morning Diffuser Blends

 I find one of the ways to make January more bearable is to treat it like a new season so here are some ideas for diffuser blends to make your year get going in the right way

For any oils you can check out doTerra 



12 January 2022

Sweet Potato Salad

I'm late to the sweet potato party but I'm making up for lost time. I'm not a huge fan of potatoes in general and the name sweet potato does not do this delicious, filling healthy object justice. With both of us working from home and me doing the majority of homeschooling I handed the cooking reigns over to Joe but since moving to Hampshire just before Christmas I have taken back one reign and will occasionally do a freezer filler or a filling salad for a healthy lunch and this is one of my go to's. 

You can of course tweak it to suit your tastes - I would always add pomegranate seeds, Joe can live without them - but this should be just what you need to liven up your working-from-home lunch break and you can cook the sweet potato, keep in the fridge and then make the salad when you need to which means it takes a matter of minutes. 

This is the basic recipe - I tend to do the sweet potato, I usually have feta in the fridge and some herbs and then add whatever else I have. Avocado is delicious in this as are a few spinach leaves. 

Sweet Potato & Feta Salad
serves 2

2 sweet potatoes 
1/2 block feta, cut into cubes
Pumpkin seeds and/or pine nuts
Pecans and/or almonds, chopped
Half a head of broccoli
1 tbsp teriyaki 
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp cumin
basil or any fresh herb you like
salt & pepper

For the dressing:
olive oil
fresh ginger

Pre-heat oven to 200C/

1. Peel the sweet potato and cut into cubes, you can par boil it or not. If you do it will reduce the time in the oven. Then toss in oil, cumin and turmeric and cook in the oven for about 40-45 minutes or until slightly crispy. 

2. In a small frying pan over a low heat sprinkle the pumpkin seeds and pine nuts with the teriyaki and cook briefly til they are coated and the teriyaki is sort of hardened onto the pan - not too much! If you don't have teriyaki soy will do just as well. Tip into your salad bowl and using your wooden spoon get the teriyaki off the bottom of the pan into the bowl too. 

3. Add the feta and then tear off tiny mini heads of broccoli into the bowl. It can seem ponderous but small bits of raw broccoli are amazing so worth it. 

4. Mix up the dressing and then put the sweet potato into the salad bowl, add the chopped nuts and the dressing. Add the basil and toss. Season to taste. 


8 December 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

I wasn't going to do one this year but there are lots of things I keep seeing and thought maybe it would help those of you who are stuck for ideas. 

Blue Bowl - as always I do a lot of my shopping for here as I can usually find something for everyone. This year I've gone for a glug jug for my mother in law and I always get some hexagon earrings for someone. 


Zoeva Brushes - these are some of my favourites (though I haven't used the whole range) and there are some great deals on sets at the moment and my go-to for contouring or foundation on my clients is the 110 Face Shape - I must have at least 5!

Atticus, Beetle & Bop - my own online stationery shop I started in lockdown and have yet to mention on here which seems a bit silly but if you need some stocking fillers, a puzzle or lovely matches (which make a fantastic house gift!) then go and have a look. 


Nkuku - I always seem to find something either I want (always useful if you find you get asked what you want and have a mind blank!) or great presents for my family. The things I've got from here have been fantastic quality. 

Fraser & Parsley - I love this brand, they are just a joy to follow on social media and their products are beautiful. I would love the Five Year Christmas Planner as I'm always so chaotic at this time of year and it would make a fantastic gift but I've also had my eye on the Meal Planners for ages. Try as I might to use my phone for things I still find my brain works better when I put pen to paper. 


Ruby & Dot - one of my favourite small brands that I've discovered this year. I have my eye on the black sweater with gold eye jumper (because it has lightning bolts of course) 

Fizz Goes Pop - another great small business and I spent a lot of time nearly buying myself these lovely lighting hoops (in green thanks!) 

Spacemasks - I get these for everyone every year as they are not just an eye mask they are a ticket to some relaxation. Lie or sit down and give yourself a 10 minute break. That's what these say. 



15 November 2021

Guided Meditation for Stress and Anxiety by Radhi Devlukia

 I'm terrible at meditation without guidance. I either fall asleep or just can't get into it but I really love this meditation and it's helped me just take some time out when I've needed it so I thought you might like it too

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