11 March 2013

Baby on Board

Our new Baby on Board sign has caused a bit of a rift in our house. They are £1.49 in Boots which I'll admit, was a contributing factor but it's purchase is mostly due to my new-mummy paranoia. Joe is fine with it... I think. He seems to have contracted a bit of new-daddy paranoia. But my Mother is horrified.

I can understand why - for many years we have been cohorts in Baby on Board mockery and derision. Before I had a baby these signs, to me, looked like a smug assertion of fertility, to my mother, yet another pointless bit of plastic that they didn't have or need when she was having babies. But, whether due to my tiredness or distrust of other drivers, I've become incredibly paranoid about crashing or, more specifically, being crashed into. Will people swerve if they see my annoying, smug plastic monstrosity? The assumption that they will accounts for half the reason I succumbed to the sign. Well, just under half. My real panic is that after we crash, if we don't have this bright yellow diamond in the back windshield the ambulance either won't know he's in the car or won't treat him first. This isn't a reflection of my views on the ambulance service.

Don't get me wrong - I still have my limits. Once he is no longer a baby there will be no sign. But what have I become? Surely a horrid, lurid sign can't have that much power? I hate myself a little every time I see it in my rear view mirror but, for now, hormones are my ruler and the sign stays.

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