23 February 2011

Evil Lemon

I watch a lot of cookery programmes, Jamie Oliver, Barefoot Contessa the new Marco Pierre White one that's hilarious, anything with Nigella in it but recently I've found them a bit uninspiring because everything they cook involves lemon and I hate lemon. Really can't stand it. I mean I don't like lime either but it's nowhere near as bad as lemon. Now that's used in every single recipe on tele I feel like I can't cook anything properly because I'm not going to use it.

Don't get me wrong I use a bit of lemon juice in things and completely understand how it can be useful but if I can actually taste the lemon I just don't want to eat it and well... it seems a bit pointless to cook things I don't want to eat (unless it's cake of course). Ughh I especially can't stand it when you order a soft drink and it's lurking there having deposited it's gross little pips in the bottom of my glass and worst of all when it's just squeezed all over smoked salmon.

Discuss. Or not...

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