26 February 2011


In my continuing quest for food perfection I invited my sister and her husband over for brunch before the football last Sunday. Not content with the usual fry up I think the boys would secretly crave and well away of the size of the stomachs that would need filling before 2 hours spent sitting in the cold shouting I got into a bit of a panic. My sister had requested scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (which I had offered before you think she's a bit of a princess!) but what goes with that?? After an hour with my cookery books I came up with what I think was a pretty great brunch menu that fed five (including three big boys) happily.

Serves 5

Fruit juice, tea and coffee
Scrambled eggs and Smoked Trout
Big Tom Bloody Marys

I'm going to post all the recipes for this brunch separately so this isn't the longest post in the whole world. I was initially drawn to the cheese danish recipe because it involves cheese but these are in fact sweet which sounds weird but they went down really well and were not only fantastic to warm up as and when people arrived (I didn't want to start scrambling until every one here) but there were some left over for post-defeat tea. 

I made the danishes the night before, they would just need heating up for five minutes in a hot oven, and put the bacon in just before people were due to start arriving. I cook bacon in the oven as it smells less and once it's cooked you can keep it warm and its a bit of a pain to have to keep darting backwards and forwards to the kitchen when you want to be eating your eggs. Bacon probably seems like a weird choice but Joe is obsessed with Oscar Meyer bacon (which he has now got me hooked on too) and I just couldn't imagine a brunch with out it. It was fantastically crispy so we all ate it with our fingers. 

The fruit salad I'd made that morning - well I directed as Joe made, I'm really not that keen on cutting up fruit. In fact, I'm not that keen on fruit at all so the thought of just having a fruit bowl on the table while we were eating was just not ok so I thought a fruit salad would be the way forward. In the end even I had a bit.

I know many people turn their noses up at Big Tom but I honestly find normal tomato juice too thin and it seems impossible to find Clamato juice anywhere which is my absolute favourite. If you can find it, try it and tell me where you got it!

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