19 January 2022

Wild & Stone Dish Cloths

I would love this to be a super glamorous post but it's not, it's a post about my quest for the perfect, sustainable washing up cloth and how by god I think I've found it. 

Eco dish cloths either work well but stain and smell or look great and last 2 weeks. But fear not, I've found you not one but two options. 

For my main kitchen sink I have gone for the Organic Cotton Dish cloth - get two one for the wash and one to be used. These hold their own, give good heft to whatever you are cleaning and don't get smelly or slimey. They are so good my mum ordered one and thus far she has been incredibly dismissive of all others I've tried often holding them between thumb and finger whilst looking pained. 


Then for the utility room sink which is mostly washing up the dogs bowls - they are fed raw so I like to keep these very specific - I have got these Swedish dishcloths. They are compostable, washable and really sturdy so as of yet, I've only used one from my pack of 4. 



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