29 November 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas

Of course there is a beauty guide on it's way but for all those non-beauty bits there's this. Everything is in alphabetical order except for the first one because it's the most important.

Choose Love - buy things for people who have been forced to flee their homes with nothing. From children's coats, blankets and nappies, to hot meals, hot showers and tents. The Mother & Baby bundle is a food, clothes and hygiene pack for a mother raising her baby in a refugee camp. You can even get someone medical care. I often get cross with people who make me feel that what I do is a frivolous thing for women with no brains (it isn't) but compared to what these people are going through it is even having a bath is a total luxury. I'm thinking about every little thing I buy this year and where I can, I'm cutting back to get from here instead.

Blue Bowl Squiggle Notebooks
Beeswax Wraps - the ultimate stocking filler or present for someone you just don't know that well. Everyone I know got these last year. A clingfilm replacement that is easy to wrap, easy to post and is a small UK based company. There's nothing about this I don't love.

Black Dragon Press - I love my Agatha Christie prints from here - they look fantastic.

Blue Bowl - always my first port of call for any present and at Christmas I find I can usually do the majority of my presents here. From stocking fillers (these tassel earrings are beautiful and there's beard balm for your hairier other half) to kids stuff via really unusual things in between. The stationary is out of this world (we all know I can't resist a notebook) and this drum charm is stunning. Everything is carefully curated and thought about - the zip bags are handmade with vintage fabrics - I adore this jungle print.

Brass Spoons - make a lovely stocking filler and I think the stags and elephants are particularly appealing. £6.95

Chambers & Beau Mini Lunar necklace
Chambers & Beau - I'm obsessed with this jewellery. You know when you love a brand partly because you love the person behind the brand. Well that's what happened here. The jewellery is stunning and made by an incredible woman. Members of my beauty group will know I love a lightening bolt so this brand is perfect for me. The cufflinks can be personalised are are lovely - I really like the sequin ones. I particularly want the mini lunar necklace with my sons initials on. I have charms on my necklace and I'm always losing them - one of these would be heaven.

Cheese Knives - these are very cool and ideal for the foodie man in your life or as a house gift.

Desmond & Dempsey - when I'm a grown-up I shall own a pair of these pyjamas. Hopefully these ones. But for now the eye masks are more in my budget - I love the Sansindo Tiger print one as it's most likely to withstand the mascara onslaught. From £15

Dilli Grey - Indian-inspired, ethically sourced clothes and homeware. I love these elephants so much I couldn't wait for Christmas and have one above my bed. Their sleepwear is incredibly reasonably priced - for those of you who have wanted my sadly-discontinued floral dressing gown, these kimonos are the closest thing I've found and they are stunning.
Dilli Grey Kimono Dressing Gown
Hammered Glass Bottles - I love the shape of these - the small one in particular. £16.95

Light-A-Ball - how cool are these? Great for a bit of Christmas cheer or just as an awesome light feature all year round. From £7.30

LimeLife Walk in the Woods Candle - this candle smells incredible. And it's not just a candle when the soy wax is melted it won't burn you but can be used as an incredible softening hand treatment. And when you've finished the pot looks gorgeous and you can keep stuff in it. You have to contact me to get your hands on one of these.

Mouse Lamps - these are appealing... but I don't mind mice. They come in gold and white (my preference). I like the standing one best, it looks like it's offering you the light to help you read. From £63

Mrs Bridges Chutney Trio - I miss the pre-child Christmases where I would treat myself with a 'big shop' from Lakeland to get all my Christmas party bits. It's also a great place to get presents and the famous Mrs Bridges Chutney's come in this cute trio with a jute bag - a great foodie present or house gift.

Nikuku - have a lot of lovely things and 10% off your first order. You'd be able get quite a few things from here I think. These brass star lanterns are chic and festive, I love these hooks and this heart dish is delightful.

Plastics Free - for those trying to be more ethical in their shopping this year I love this shop. I've already got the steel straws for the kids stockings and am going to order the hair cubes in my next shop. If you need inspiration they have a great gift selection - the bee bombs are great for the present drawer,

Red Face Prints - I love these vintage style prints. Although there isn't one of my area of London (not trendy enough?) I love the ones of Richmond Park and the South Bank.

Red Face Prints - South BankRose Bottle Stopper - I've never been one for a bottle stopper but I love these rose shaped ones and the vintage gold and silver finishes.

Skandinavisk - one of the few candle makers who makes products that you can really smell. Even when these aren't lit you can get a waft making them worth their slightly higher-end price tag. Skog is my absolute favourite.

Socks - surely a stocking staple and my favourite socks are these bamboo ones from BAM. Super soft and hardwearing.

Susie Watson -  love Susie Watson designs and have her material for the curtains in my bedroom. This domed glass candle holder is heaven.

Susie Watson Candle Pot - I love Susie Watson designs and have her material for the curtains in my bedroom. These candle pots are sweet and would be really useful for teaspoons, hair ties, teabags when the candle's long gone. £15

White Company Winter Candle - it's not so much the candle that I'm interested in though I have an almost obsessional love for a candle, but the gorgeous mercury pot it comes in which I would use as a trinket dish on my dressing table afterwards.

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