19 October 2017

Beeswax Wraps

Once I'd started planning my War on Plastic I couldn't stop finding things that were made of plastic and it all became a bit overwhelming. Then I heard about Bees Wax Wraps and thought that was one way that I could make a start.

When we had the cottage in Norfolk I was really fastidious about the fridge and insisted everyone used clingfilm. If you are renting a house out you don't want a manky fridge and since then I'd been trying to think of something to cover food in the fridge other than a plate on a bowl which isn't always that effective. Now, I'm not sure I would use these in a rental cottage purely because I'm sure someone would wash them incorrectly but hey, I'd probably give it a whirl.

These wraps are squares of cotton covered in pine resin, jojoba oil and beeswax. They are 100% natural, the pine resin is antibacterial, they are reusable and biodegradable.

I was slightly put off by the price tag - quite a lot if they weren't going to work - but ordered up the Medium Kitchen pack - no pain no gain and these should last a while. In the medium kitchen pack you get two medium size wraps and two small wraps. The medium wraps are about 30x30 cm big enough to cover most bowls, wrap sandwiches and cheese. The small wraps are 16x16 cm and cover the tops of tins and jars and unused vegetable halves. I now have my eye on the family pack.

I confess they arrived and they felt like a bit too much effort to use so they sat patiently on my shelf until I got a grip and realise that really is a waste of money and read the instructions, lectured my husband and put them to use. Why did I lecture my husband? Well you can't wash these in hot water - they must be washed in cold, soapy water otherwise (i'm guessing here) the wax comes away from the linen and they lose their stickiness. Every three months or so you put them in a 100C oven for 3 minutes this will pasteurise them. I've put the full list of how to use them below.

I love these. And it's not just me. My husband, usually slightly unmoved by this sort of thing, loves them as well. As my mother has pointed out they are not completely airtight in a way that clingfilm can be but they genuinely stick well (you stick wax to wax if that makes sense) wash and dry quickly and are ready for reuse. You can't chose your design but I got some lovely blue stars for one of my medium sizes which is a big win as I love stars.

I now rarely use clingfilm. No I haven't banned it from my life altogether as I still need to find a substitute for it when I am making fridge cake... these may work as long as the mix was cool enough but it would take a large wrap and then would they taste a bit of beeswax?

For full information go to look at their website. There are videos on how to make cool little pouches and sandwich holders which I've yet to try. There are a few companies that do these but I really do encourage you to go through Carly and Fran. Not only is it their wraps I'm vouching for but they had such great customer service and included a lovely handwritten note with the order. They have a real kitchen business feel which I welcome with open arms as someone who ashamedly spends too much time getting Amazon Prime. There are lots of different packs to choose from - kids lunch,

I actually think these would make fab, unusual presents maybe if you are going to stay with someone or for Christmas. I'm always on the look out for house gifts or stocking fillers for men and the Bee Bombs would be great if you know a hard to buy for man who has a fire.

To Use:

  • Wash in cool soapy water NOT hot - hang to dry
  • Every 3 months or so put these in the oven at 100C for no more than 3 minutes
  • Do not cover hot food - wait for it to cool. All food should be cold before being covered with the wraps
  • Not suitable for the microwave
  • Basically do not get these hot


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