2 October 2012


After much ummming and ahhhing I asked my husband for a Kindle for my birthday and rather than getting the cheapest on offer which is what I asked for he gave me a Kindle Touch.

The reason for my indecision was that I just love actual books and having worked in publishing for the last seven years I feel that they need my support. What I don't love however, is that huge amount of money we constantly have to spend installing new shelves to fit my book collection on, the effort and palaver of selling books on amazon I don't want anymore and having to lug a book around in my bag, damaging my back and it's cover in the process. My mother loves her Kindle, as does my friend Louise who said it was essential if you are a big reader and have a baby. I'm lucky enough to have an ipad but reading on it is pretty rubbish and at some point it deleted all my books never to be seen again. So I bit the bullet and got a kindle.

I love it. It has already revolutionised my life. Going on holiday when 7½ months pregnant is not something to undertake lightly and considering I average one book every two days when stationed next to a swimming pool that can make for quite a heavy bag. I still took some non-kindle books with me to read in the pool etc but being able to have something so light in my hand luggage was just fantastic. Books are incredibly easy to download and I really don't mind that it's not a book... which I thought I would.And it's made hospital and GP appointments more bearable as it's lighter than most books I usually carry around and doesn't take up very much handbag room.

I'm a complete convert - if you are thinking about getting on then do it.

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