31 October 2011

Bedtime Biscuits for Mouse

A bit weird to review a dog biscuit I know but really worth mentioning because I was sure these were going to be a big time fail and they actually seem to be going down really well. I've seen lots of Lily's Kitchen dog treats around - organic and good for your dog maybe but also not the cheapest thing out there and frankly Mouse is very happy with a tripe stick. However, I did want a little packet of something to keep in our room so she could have a treat when she goes to bed and the Bedtime Biscuits were in the right place at the right time - nice small packaging, not too salty and well... they are supposed to be given at bedtime so I thought I'd give them a try.

I was pretty confident that there was no way Mouse would go for these - they contain honey, yoghurt, Chamomile and Passion Flowers... not things you usually think of when buying dog biscuits. But she loves them - she has one in her bed at night and isn't up all night drinking loads of water and has actually stopped trying to get into bed with us at 5 in the morning... whether this means the chamomile is working or not I don't know but I thought just worth mentioning for any dog owners out there who have been tempted but too scared to try Lily's Kitchen products.

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