31 August 2011

Natural Housekeeping

I'm leaving my job. Although it's a very nice job, and very convenient, I have been here for six years and complain constantly about not doing what I really want to be doing. The thing is that I've never really known what I want to do and then realised that just because I love make-up (doing it, writing about it, reading about it, watching it) doesn't mean it can't be a job so I'm jumping in feet first and may or may not sink but I've got to do it... haven't I?

However, what this does mean is that I daydream about doing make-up and being a super nest-making, recipe testing, housewife extraordinaire and actually woke up this morning and made a list about which rooms I'm going to spring clean first (even though it will be October). I'm not sure whether this will actually turn into - I tidy the utility room, walk the dog and then sit down and weep about my work friends and my loss of independence but lets hope not. Joe has been incredibly supportive and has pointed out that I work my little, stubby fingers to the bone most of the time so no doubt I'll do it now and when my mum gave me Cabbages and Roses Guide to Natural Housekeeping (Cabbages & Roses Guide)for my birthday I was so inspired by it that it made me think that yes - even if at first work is a bit slow I will at least be filling my hours and trying to make the most of my new life.

This guide is the perfect present for the nester you know or anyone who is constantly threatening to do wonderful things in their home and yet never quite gets round to it. It lists all the incredibly household uses for vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and beeswax, exactly what to do to make your airing cupboard bearable and what is best to grow if you have a small window box or an allotment. Not only is it full of great advice it is all good for the environment and therefore pretty good for your pocket too which is much needed. This is what has inspired me to start my autumn clean with the airing cupboard - I must have one like one in the book or I will explode. In fact it's so inspiring I've already made a start and got Joe to clean the fridge out with a vinegar/water solution that has worked wonders. A perfect present and a fantastic, inspirational read.


  1. Can't believe you are leaving - but good on you for taking the plunge. Life is too short to waste it not doing your true passion! I've been fumbling around trying to do what I want to do and it isn't easy but the road less travelled is more richer for it! Good luck! xxx

  2. PS Can't believe it has been 6 years!


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