Ok as you may have see here, I am using Thinking Slimmer's Drop Two Jeans Sizes Slimpod. You do not weigh yourself, well you do at the beginning, but you measure your fat bits and then remeasure them after 21 days to see what you've lost. This immediately sat well with me as no matter how much weight I lose my massive muffin tops still seem to be there. Slimpods are voice recordings that help re-program the way you view food and exercise and therefore retrain your subconscious.

If you are thinking of using a Slimpod then please go to the Thinking Slimmer website and read about it on there because there is a lot more to it than just listening to the mp3 last thing at night. You need to take your measurements, set your goals and keep a success log, three things a day that you've noticed that are different.

I'm not going to log everything here but thought it made more sense to have it all on one page then as loads of different posts. I will post about anything momentous that happens but otherwise it'll all be here...

As I mentioned in my introductory post I'm usually 8 stone, was 9 stone when I got pregnant and about 14 stone by the end of my pregnancy. I lost the first three stone incredibly quickly as a lot of it was water retention but now seem to be stuck at 10 - 10½. I'm just over 5'2" so this isn't a healthy weight for me. Below are my scary starting measurements and my goals... I'll update with any changes as and when...

4th March 2013

Initial measurements:
Neck - 12 inches
Chest - 37.5 inches
Waist - 32 inches (looks good doesn't it? I'm high waisted... my jeans have to go on my hips)
Biceps - 12 inches (each)
Hips - 38 inches
Thighs 38 inches
Weight - 10½ stone

1. To lose 2 inches from my hips (and thighs hopefully) by 8 weeks
2. To fit into my pre-pregnancy by summer.
3. To be thin for my 30th (21st August 2013)

I'm slightly worried my goals may be a bit ambitious but that's what I want to aim for and I figured they worked well together as they are in stages.

18th March 2013

So far so good... trying desperately not to weigh myself even though it's really tempting. I feel slimmer, my jeans feel looser but it's hard to tell with maternity jeans and I don't want to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans and be disappointed. We've just booked a holiday in France for the end of the summer which has also given me a new goal which is to possibly wear a bikini even though I declared myself 'too old' for one this time last year.

 16th April 2013

Took my measurements again. Seem to have only lost 3lbs but quite a difference on the inches...

Neck - 11.5 inches
Chest - 36 inches
Waist - 31 inches (looks good doesn't it? I'm high waisted... my jeans have to go on my hips)
Biceps - 11 inches (each)
Hips - 37 inches
Thighs - 36 inches
Weight -  10st 4lbs

3rd May 2013

I have a confession to make. I haven't written down my three things per day since the 19th April. There are a couple of reasons for this. It's pretty hard to remember to do this whilst manhandling a 6 month old baby but also the three things basically revolved around having no breakfast, having no seconds, stopping when full and having smaller portions. Now I know having no breakfast is a diet no no but I really, really want to get a grip on this weight-loss thing and I would rather have a skinny latte mid-morning than breakfast. I'm afraid that nil-by-mouth is the only reliable way for me to shift the pounds however I really do notice the difference in my mental attitude since listening to Slimpod. I am totally focused on my goals, if I feel like I'm going to snack I just think about my 30th birthday and being thin and the snack is so easy to resist. In fact it has focused me in a way I didn't was possible. For that alone it's worth it's £29.99!

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