Favourite Cookery Books

  •  Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home - Nigella Lawson - something for every person, occasion, ingredient. Huge, beautifully put together and everything is delicious. 
  • A Salute to Cooking (Cook Book) - A really unusual cook book and one with such charm and variety that I just wouldn't be without it now. And of course it has a spectacularly good recipe from my father.

  • Complete Cookery Course: Classic Edition - Delia Smith - feels a bit of a cop out putting this but it's just great to refer to if you want to go it on your own but want a saftey net. It literally has everything... well not everything but as near as damnit.

  • Nigella Express - Nigella Lawson - again not very trendy but actually I find this great for dinner party puddings. I now always have her pomegranate ice cream in the freezer and the ice cream cake is fantastic.

  • Great Dishes of the World & The Robert Carrier Cookbook- an oldie but a goodie. Quite pricey now but definitely worth it. Has all the classics and is just lovely to sit and peruse.

  • Cook Now, Eat Later - Mary Berry - it is absolutely essential to own this is you work and want to cook yummy mid week dinner parties that people will be impressed with
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