20 April 2016

Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer

I'd say on the whole I'm pretty philosophical about when my children get ill. I usually take them to the doctor when my mother tells me to or when there's some sort of non-snot fluid on the outside that should really stay on the inside. But what sends me into a spiral of foetal-position panic is temperatures. Yes I know they usually mean the body is doing it's thing and fighting whatever nasty little horror is having it's way with my child's body but I can't handle them. I'm sure it's to do from when my father was ill and we were given a max temperature that meant we had to take him into the hospital immediately and so we had to check it all the time but I can't be rational about it, when the boys have a temperature I basically have NHS Direct on speakerphone all night and a thermometer attached to my hand.
Non-contact Thermometer

Ned is a very good patient, for the most part, he's always lapped up any form of medicine and allowed me to prod and poke him. He had to have a series of blood tests about a year ago and sat like a champ the only evidence of the horror taking place in his hands was a solitary tear as he bravely listened to a rather dull story about dinosaurs. Jim however, spits out Calpol, won't have Amoxycillin even though he loves bananas more than me meaning we all end up stained neon yellow and getting anything into his ear involves a rather un-motherly elbow press.

Hurrah then for the Kinetik Non Contact Thermometer which has so far meant that I can creep into Ned's bedroom at night and check his temperature without disturbing him at all... or sit by his bed just bipping it onto his forehead every five minutes without him knowing about it and Jim has no idea that what's going on and so smiles cheerily and is happily distracted with a toy.

I was sort of happy with my inner ear one - it is very simple to use (as is the Kinetik forehead one but it's very easy to stick something in someone's ear) but it was erratic on the results. Because the Kinetik is non-contact it means less wriggling which means it's easier to get a result. Or if you a bit bonkers about temperatures like me you can use them both - the forehead most of the time and the in-ear one for when it's getting drastic and you want a second opinion before crying on the phone alternately to your mum and the Dr.

There are two things I'm not keen on - the display is not back-lit which means you can't sit like a maniac in the dark next to their bed as you have to find a light to check the results. However, they are bringing one out that will be backlit so that is perfect and will be available in September. The second is really picky... I would love this to come with some sort of holster that it can sit in. At the moment it just lies on it's side as it's easy to knock over and it's quite small so sometimes takes a while to find. If it could stand in a jolly orange... well stand, then I'd be really happy. See I told you it was picky.

The Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer is £19.99 and available in the UK from Tesco, Sainsburys, Argos, Co-Op, Morrisons and Asda.

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