14 December 2010

Secretly Festive

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a girl, or that I grew up in a house of girls (and my dad), or that my mum partly grew up in Sweden which is Christmas in country form but I'm far more festive than my husband. Now don't get me wrong he likes Christmas as much as the next man but while he likes the festive drinking and binge eating he doesn't feel weepy whilst decorating the tree and he doesn't see the need for the little festive trinkets that keep appearing all over his flat.

I have to sneak things in. An advent candle here, red napkins there. I've got round the lights problem by insisting on have fairy lights in my kitchen all year round, which he disapproves of but puts up with (literally puts up actually as I seem to get a new string every three months or so). Lucky for him my bank account fell over before I was able to purchase the Swedish angel chimes I wanted but I will be getting them next year... I've already put them on a new list I've started for next years Christmas purchases.

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